Taking The Plunge: Exploring Some of Malta & Gozo's Best Diving Spots

Summer is in full swing, which means swimming and tanning in the sun. Perhaps if you’re in need of something a bit different or exciting, scuba diving might be the thing for you.

Being surrounded by the clear Mediterranean Sea, Malta boasts plenty of scenic beaches and crystal waters, making it so much easier to want to go swimming.  Scuba diving is a greatly popular recreational activity that not only provides you with unforgettable experiences but also allows you to view the sea from a perspective you haven’t before. 

We now take a look at some of Malta and Gozo’s best scuba diving spots.

Ċirkewwa, Malta

Via Malta Dive Sites

Located in the northern region of Malta, divers can find an abundance of underwater scenery with different depths of water which both introduces diving newcomers and challenges the experienced. With two deep shipwrecks, a shallow area which is perfect for training and plenty of underwater caves, divers have plenty of sites to see. 

There are also two arches that can be explored. The arches long ago once formed a cavern and after the cavern had collapsed, it left the remaining part which is now identified as the arch that can be explored. 

Finger Reef, Għar Lapsi

Via MaltaDives

Finger Reef is a reef located on the southern coast of Malta. It’s shaped like a finger ( as the name would suggest) and has a maximum depth level of 20m.

Divers can expect to come across a variety of small but brightly coloured fish when exploring the cave as well as a wall full of false coral. If you continue to explore the cave, eventually, you’ll reach a section that has a hole in the roof – allowing you to exit through there.

Divers should also be aware that it is not uncommon for strong currents to be evident in and around this diving site.

Mġarr ix-Xini, Gozo

Via Gozo Dive Sites

This dive site allows divers to explore a range of fish species that wouldn’t usually be found anywhere else. Its depth is 16m and should you wish to dive at this spot, you can expect to see goatfish, octopus, seahorses, weaver-fish and more unusual fish.

When diving here, it is suggested to bring a torch as divers are encouraged to thoroughly explore the cave whilst exploring the nudibranch in the reef.

Delimara Point, Malta

Via Tufi Dive

Divers who dive at this site can expect to see areas that appear to look ‘grassy’. Gorgeous reefs can also be observed and a tunnel that is found at this site, leads divers right back up to the top. The reef is at a depth of 9m whilst the cave is 20m down. 

Should divers want to explore further down at 25m and more, they will be treated to the site of the reef rising up onto a vertical cliff.  

Um El Faroud, Malta

Via Atlantis Diving Centre

This wreck had been relocated to better serve as a site for divers. The Um El Faroud holds a tragic history as in 1995, nine Maltese employees who worked at the dock, were killed when a gas explosion took place on board and went through the entire ship.

In 1998, the vessel was moved from its original location and taken to its present one and was deliberately altered to allow access for water, allowing the wreck to fully be served as a dive site.

Divers should be aware that the ship is 10,000 tones so both the swimming time and distance are quite long. Due to this, the time of diving is reduced to 10-15 minutes if the diver is on a single cylinder.

Not only will divers explore the wreck itself, but also be treated to the large array of sea life nearby such as the scorpion fish and barracuda.

Both Malta and Gozo offer plenty of historic, beautiful and challenging dive sites. Be sure to check them out by joining up with an official and legally registered diving group such as Atlantis Diving Centre, U-Dive and ABC Diving (amongst many others).