Malta's 'Rain Break' To Continue Until Friday

If you’ve been patiently waiting for some rain, you’ll be happy to know that the time has finally come (well, sort of)

Malta this week, has already seen and will continue to see some drastic changes in temperature. The public holiday will hit a high of 27° with isolated showers throughout the day. Saturday will reach 28° and will remain mainly cloudy. Sunday will finally allow us to get a glimpse of the sun as it will be mainly sunny whilst reaching a warm temperature of 30°.

Monday will also be hitting a high of 30° and is expected to be sunny all day. Both Tuesday and Wednesday will go that one step further and hit highs of 31°, to give us pleasant, warm weather throughout both days.

Be sure that if you are heading out, keep updated on the weather to ensure that you don’t travel through flooded areas (if you can avoid it) and to dress accordingly to the weather.