Summer Is On The Way Out: Malta Welcomes Autumn

The date wasn’t lying when it said that Autumn began on September 23, as the weather from here on out is taking a turn from sun-filled skies and long hot days to cloudy, wet ones  

Today and tomorrow are both expected to reach a high of 27° with isolated showers. Wednesday will be reaching a high of 26° will be windy with isolated showers. Thursday will reach a high of 28° and be partly cloudy whilst over on Friday, we can expect to feel a high of 27° also with partial cloud cover. 

Saturday will also follow suit and reach 27° along with isolated showers. To end the week, Sunday too will be hitting a high of 27° along with, again, partial cloud coverage. 

Although the skies this week are set to be grey and cloudy, the weather is still presumed to be warm. As always, with the constantly changing weather conditions, be sure to keep updated throughout the week to ensure you dress and prepare your plans accordingly.